General Corporate Counsel

Because employment law involves a complex intersection of state and federal laws, it is wise to enlist a knowledgeable attorney to help you develop workplace policies and resolve conflicts. Unfortunately, conflicts are part of the business world. When conflicts do arise, it is in your best interest to resolve them quickly and efficiently. Our law firm helps clients with any matters related to running their business.

Small Business Counsel

For small businesses, it does not make financial sense to hire a full-time attorney to serve as in-house counsel. As general corporate counsel, Parks, Chesin & Walbert consult on a company’s legal issues. From advising on corporate formation to resolving employment complaints to drafting company policies, we handle a broad range of small business employment law issues.

Proactive business planning will help minimize the risk of expensive lawsuits. I help organizations develop a comprehensive business plan that encompasses their vision and goals. As general corporate counsel, we are available 24 hours a day to answer client questions.

Parks, Chesin & Walbert can provide the assistance of in-house counsel without requiring your company to pay for full-time legal services. We offer a flexible payment plan based on clients’ individual needs and situations.

Personalized Legal Services

We value client relationships and spend time getting to know a company’s goals and priorities. Because each business has its own unique aspirations and challenges, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach will not be effective. Instead, we examine each business on a case-by-case basis to understand your particular legal needs and potential conflicts. Our clients are our number one priority and we work tirelessly to ensure they are satisfied. Our clients trust us to provide straightforward and reliable advice for their legal matters.

Parks, Chesin & Walbert values collaboration, not just between our attorneys, but with clients as well. Because we understand the stress and challenge of running a business, we provide support every step of the way. A successful business depends on a good working relationship between employers and employees. We can help you develop comprehensive workplace policies that protect your rights as well as those of your employees.

Parks, Chesin & Walbert Help Your Business Run Smoothly

When you choose to work with Parks, Chesin & Walbert, you get the benefit of working with a legal team that is committed to your business without the expense of hiring in-house counsel. We will work with you to address your concerns and help you implement policies and procedures that minimize the risk of future conflicts. When you work with our law firm, you collaborate with some of the hardest-working attorneys around. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to offer counsel and answer questions regarding complex employment law issues.

For more information about how we can help you with your legal concerns, please call us at 404-873-8048 or contact Parks, Chesin & Walbert online for a consultation.

Client Reviews

Their insight, expertise and experience provided us with invaluable guidance during times when we faced critical decisions.

Lewis M.

Just wanted to send a formal thank you note to emphasize just how grateful I am for the outcome of my case! You truly have taken the stress out of this unfortunate situation.

Client N.S.

Very professional, updated me once a week, very thorough and knocked it out of the park. We got everything we were looking for.The overall staff was very encouraging and gave me the strength to keep going.

Chris J.

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