Business Development

Parks, Chesin & Walbert assists clients with proactive business planning, helping them minimize risk and avoid costly litigation. Business development involves creating long-term strategies designed to foster success in the workplace. A business owner must take many factors into consideration in order to launch and operate a successful business. Parks, Chesin & Walbert can offer advice and counsel to help your business thrive.

Business Planning

A successful business starts with a solid business plan. It is important to consider the vision and goals for your business when establishing a business and employment plan. A working knowledge of applicable employment laws is also necessary. These laws govern important business practices such as recruitment, hiring and termination of employees. They also govern wage and hour requirements for your employees. Because these laws are complex, you should consult with an Atlanta employment attorney to ensure that you understand and comply with relevant employment laws.

If you have questions related to recruitment, hiring or terminating your employees, contact our law firm. I can help you develop policies that protect you from lawsuits related to discrimination, sexual harassment, or wage and hour complaints. I can also guide you in complying with various employment laws, minimizing future liability and understanding your rights and obligations as an employer.

Workplace Disputes

Most workplace disputes are avoidable. An employer who implements clear policies for productivity and conduct is more likely to avoid a dispute than an employer who is unprepared. Establishing clear workplace policies is the key to ensuring that your employees are on the same page with respect to workplace procedures.

Workplace policies encourage employees to raise complaints about workplace procedures. If an employee does not have an outlet in the workplace to raise a complaint, the employee may be forced to file a legal complaint to obtain relief. Successful workplaces implement written guidelines and procedures for employees to raise complaints or grievances. Employers should document the complaint and take steps to address the concern. If you are unsure if the employee is raising a complaint that is protected by the law, contact an attorney to discuss the concern and how to address it. Be careful not to terminate an employee who has raised a protected complaint until you have discussed the situation with an employment lawyer. You may be liable for back pay or be forced to reinstate that employee who engaged in a protected activity.

Parks, Chesin & Walbert can Help Protect Your Rights

Because employment law involves a complex intersection of state and federal laws, it is important to consult a lawyer to develop policies and procedures that comply with the law. I have helped numerous business clients understand their legal rights and obligations. Because client satisfaction is our number one priority, we take the time to get to know each of our business clients and their unique goals and concerns. I work within this framework to provide comprehensive legal assistance customized to meet your business needs.

Call us today at 404-873-8048 for assistance with employment law issues related to your business.

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