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What Attorneys Don't Know Can Hurt Their Cases
Fulton County Daily Report - January 5, 2015

Former Workers Sue IBEX Global
The Daily Herald - December 1, 2014

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Andrew Coffman Argues Before the Georgia Supreme Court Plaintiff Convinces Court of Appeals to Enforce an Agreement That the Plaintiff Refused to Sign Supreme Court of Georgia Allows Georgia Whistleblower Protection Act Claims Against County The Vanishing Jury Trial in Employment Litigation Social Media in Litigation Restraints on Physician Competition in Georgia ADA Covers Accommodations Not Tied to Essential Job Duties Supreme Court Asked to Define “Clothes” The Vendor’s Guide to Georgia Procurement Law Important Ruling for Contractors Doing Business with the State of Georgia Silicon Valley's Largest Companies Face Class Action Over Employment Violations Georgia Court Strikes Down Agency Regulation on Vagueness Grounds Does a Georgia Employer Have to Provide Sick Leave to Employees I’m a Target of Sexual Harassment, What are My Options? What is Equal Pay for Equal Work? What the Government Shutdown Means for Your Employment Lawsuit What do I do if I am the Victim of Employment Discrimination? Board of Regents Protected by Sovereign Immunity for Failing to Confirm Validity of Payment Bond Five Things You Should Always Tell Your Employment Lawyer First Amendment Protects Act of “Liking” a Facebook Page When an Employee’s First Amendment Free Speech can Lead to Termination Important Georgia Supreme Court Ruling on Insurance Coverage in Claims Arising from Defective Construction When is Retaliation in the Workplace Against the Law? Can I be Fired While on Medical Leave? Top Five Mistakes Employers Make When Violating Overtime Laws Eleventh Circuit Rules for Plaintiffs in FLSA Case Employment Law Fact or Fiction?: It Doesn’t Matter Why You are Fired in an At-Will State Georgia Supreme Court Affirms Invalidation of Postnuptial Agreement PCW Attorneys Win Court Order Requiring Special Election PCW Attorney Argues Landmark Case in the Georgia Court of Appeals PCW Attorneys Win Landmark Ruling for Disabled Plaintiffs PCW Attorney Presents New Chief Judge of the Georgia Court of Appeals Update: Federal Judge Orders Georgia to Provide Deaf with Equal Access to Public Health Supreme Court Invalidates Key Provisions of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 Reversal Obtained in Georgia Court of Appeals Can the Government Discriminate Based on Race or Gender? $1.6 Million Awarded in Race Discrimination Case You’re About to be Fired Defendant Breached Physician’s Contract Fulton County Guilty of Race and Gender Discrimination Vendor’s Guide to Georgia Procurement Law Discrimination Alleged Against Savannah State Judge Rules Pike County Can’t Balance Budget by Slashing Salaries, Staff of County Magistrates Kingsland Recycling Center Will Remain Open Voting Rights Victory Police Use of K-9 Violates Civil Rights $500,000 Settlement Against the YMCA Georgia Found Liable for Discrimination Against Deaf Citizens Atlanta Fire Department Found Guilty of Cheating on Promotional Exam Jury Awards $150,000 Against Doctor for Defamation Jury Awards $360,000 Against Employer for Title VII Retaliation Attorney Fees Double Verdict; Plaintiff’s Lawyers Awarded $250K on $110K Verdict Former Dekalb Clerk Looks to Oust Successor Judge Halts Firefighter Promotions; Plaintiffs Want a Probe Into What They Claim Was a Rigged Test Ex-UGA Employee Awarded $1.3 Million PSC Chair Faces Residency Challenge; in Testy Exchanges, Lawyers Grill Political Opponents Over Tax Bills and Alleged Delay in Bringing Suit Jury Hits Retailer for $350,001; Merchant’s Fight Against Forgery Costs Him $100K in Attorney Fees, $250K in Compensatory Damages and $1 in Punitive Damages High Court Ruling Threatens Dekalb Magnet School High Court Revives Democrats’ Redistricting Plan; Justices Mull Jail Health Care Put on Trial in Case of Strangled Inmate Clark Atlanta Settles with EX-GC Redistricting Divides U.S. High Court; Justices Wrestle with Competing Interpretations of Voting Rights Act City Lost by Not Settling Suit by Firefighter; City Offered $10,000; Jury Awarded Plaintiff $1 Million Not Even Parks can Help Gop in Map Fight; Republicans Have Little Recourse, Not Much Hope
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