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Sexual and Racial Harassment at Work

The attorneys at Parks, Chesin & Walbert have been representing employees in sexual harassment and racial harassment cases for over 30 years.  Our experience and reputation in pursuing discrimination and harassment claims result in excellent outcomes for our clients.

In General

It is illegal for an employer to allow its employees to engage in racial or sexual harassment of any employee. Claims of sexual harassment are by far the most common types of harassment complaints. Harassment can be based either on a “hostile work environment,” meaning that a boss or a co-worker makes the workplace intolerable due to comments, photos, offensive displays or jokes, or other acts directed against and employee because of sex or race, or what is known as “quid pro quo,” meaning that the employer demands sexual favors in exchange for continued employment, raises, promotions, or other benefits.

Does The Employer Have An Anti-Harassment Policy?

If an employer has an anti-harassment policy, employees are normally required to report harassment or lodge a complaint before taking legal action. The existence of an anti-harassment policy is significant in cases where a claim is based on hostile work environment. In these circumstances, failure to report the harassment can prevent a claim.

Our lawyers have significant experience in dealing with situations involving harassment.  We can help you navigate the difficult situations and free you from an oppressive situation.  Call us for an assessment of your situation.

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