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Our experience litigating hundreds of disputes arising under employment contracts makes us an invaluable resource to executives and professionals as they transition from one place of employment to another.  We are particularly adept at spotting issues that may be lurking in benign-sounding contractual provisions and providing sound and cost effective advice that often times keeps our client away from the cost and distractions of litigation.  When litigation becomes necessary, our broad experience base enables us to efficiently represent our clients to the most favorable outcome.  Your successes include:

  • Obtaining a damage award from a jury after proving that a large, national employer terminated our physician client’s employment agreement in bad faith.
  • Obtaining a summary judgment ruling that a for-profit college breached its contract with a full professor when it terminated his contract based upon budgetary restrictions, which enabled us to negotiate a favorable confidential settlement.
  • Convinced a jury that a consulting firm had manipulated its financial statements to show no profits in order to avoid its obligations to our client under a profit sharing agreement.
  • We have successfully represented both employers and employees in disputes arising under non-compettion and non-solicitaton covenants.

Before you terminate an existing employment agreement or sign a new agreement, call us for a cost effective review of our rights and obligations.  This will inevitably save you time, money and frustration in the long run.