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Gwinnett County’s former commission chairman, Charles Bannister, is suing the county sheriff and two deputies, over his arrest on drunken driving charges.

Although two breath tests showed Bannister had no alcohol in his system, deputies booked Bannister into the county jail, took his mugshot and then transported the shackled commission chair to Gwinnett Medical Center in Lawrenceville for blood tests. Those tests verified the earlier breath test results.

Banister claims Sheriff Butch Conway targeted him for political reasons.

“Mr. Bannister would speak against the positions the sheriff advocated, he would not take care of the sheriff’s friends and things of that nature,” attorney David Walbert said. “Unfortunately, the sheriff thinks you can use the unbridled power of the office for your own personal and political gain. If the Constitution doesn’t provide a remedy for this then we don’t have a Constitution anymore.”

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