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by Jenn Coalson

In July of 2012, Georgia taxpayers were given a powerful new tool to hold recipients of state funds accountable: the Georgia Taxpayer Protection False Claims Ace (the “GTPFCA” or the “Revised Act”), codified in Chapter 3 ofTitle 23 and Chapter 4 afTicle 49 ofthe Georgia Code. The GTPFCA substantially revised the previously existing State False Medicaid Claims Act, D.CG.A. §49-4-168 etseq. (the “Medicaid FCA”), and it created a new statutory scheme covering false or fraudulent claims submitted to non-Medicaid payors, a.e. G.A. § 23-3-120 etseq. (the “Non-Medicaid FCA”). Here are some of the most significant aspects of the GTPFCA that every Georgia lawyer should be aware of.

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